What We Do

We engage different market players to build sustainable systems for supporting rural agricultural markets.  For example, many private enterprises do not market to rural, poor households due to perceived risks in transportation logistics, economies of scale, or lack of interest. We work at resolving these mis-perceptions and demonstrating how the private sector can benefit from sales to rural consumers who are enabled to obtain the products and services they desire and need, from agricultural inputs to better and new farming technological options and services.

We forge strategic partnerships and alliances to provide the following services;

1. Smallholder market inquiries to identify gaps and opportunities

2. Mobilize and train farmer groups and co-operatives to engage successfully with markets

3. Co-ordinate & establish linkages to improve performance of rural inputs retailers- build capacity through targeted trainings for agrodealers, stockists

4. We manage a digital marketing platform for product promotions and agricultural messaging 

5. We host agricultural events and expos, village level farm inputs activations and promotions 

Some features of our farmers’ trainings;

  • Appropriate seeds in the market, based on geographical areas
  • Appropriate usage of agrochemicals 
  • Soil management and crop nutrition, 
  • Sustainable & Conservation agriculture.
  • Minimizing post-harvest losses.

Clientele & Partners

Current Engagements and Partners

E-farmers Africa’s partnerships and engagements are with key stakeholders in dairy, livestock, horticulture value chains;

Rodi Kenya

Paksons Ltd

HM-Clause Seeds Company

Gititu Coffee Society

Plantech Kenya Ltd

Captain Farm-Tech

Waruhiu Agricultural Training Institute  

Njabini Agricultural Training Institute

The Kilimo Center

Past events that we have hosted:

Our agricultural events crosscut multiple levels of the sector with a key focus on village level farmers field days conducted jointly with inputs companies

1. Farmer-to-Farmer exchange in Kiambu and Nyandarua

2. Waruhiu ATC Farmers Trainings-; We partner with the Waruhiu ATC in organizing farmers’ trainings at their facilities.

3. Rumuruti farmers’ trainings in partnership with HM Clause Vegetables, Plantech Kenya, Crop Nutrition Laboratory and The Kenya Biologics.

4. The 2018 Njabini ATC Farmers Field Day; organized in partnership with Njabini ATC and the Nyandarua County.  Over 20 inputs companies participated and over 2,000 farmers attended the two days’ event.

Other key events in pipeline:

Gititu Coffee Society Farmers Training day

Captain Farm-Tech demonstration event in Laikipia

Kipipiri Farmers Field Day

Taita Taveta Farmers Field Day

Njabini Dairy Field Day