About Us

E-farmers Africa is an agribusiness consultancy company that engages with a range of firms in the agricultural sector to align business interests with those of smallholder farmers.  

We believe linkages matter. Leveraging on field knowledge and strong networks, we help to establish reliable and efficient agricultural information delivery systems so that both inputs suppliers and producers benefit.   We work with agro-Inputs suppliers (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals), farm equipment, machinery, and related farm support services to avail commercial solutions to smallholders.  

We believe that smallholder productivity can be greatly enhanced if we bridge the divide between farmers and suppliers of various farm support products and services.  We work with multiple stakeholders to tailor solutions that expand economic opportunities for smallholders and create value for the private sector.

    • Huge untapped opportunities for growth exist amongst the rural smallholder farmers
    • There is significant untapped potential to catalyze better interaction and business growth for suppliers of farm support solutions
    • Sustainable and inclusive agricultural transformation is attained through practical and mutually beneficial business solutions

    Our Team

    The E-Farmers team has extensive experience in market research and development; business feasibility study, value chain analysis and enterprises development; financial products development; market events organization and multi-stakeholder platforms establishment. Over the years, the diverse team has served varied range of clientele who include leading development agencies, horticultural exporters, dairy processors, livestock processor & traders, poultry producers & traders, and leading international university. Tymax offers tailor made services to its clientele and meets exceptional standards in transforming their aspirations into tangible results.

    1.Dennis Njenga – Dennis holds a BSc in Agriculture and carries a wide experience in agricultural support services including; agro-economics, extension support, soil nutrition management and private sector engagement. Dennis’ roles include field level co-ordination with inputs companies, farmers’ groups and co-operatives, private and public extension service providers.

    2. Susan Maina - Has over 10 years’ experience working private sector development in Kenya.   Key roles have included; overseeing activities aimed at facilitating over 6,000 MSEs to access commercial Business Development Services and enter local and international markets. Her key competencies and skills are in the areas of value chain analysis, training, project management and facilitation tactics.  

    3. Sammy Kariuki - has extensive experience in market event organizations and multi-stakeholder platforms establishment, market research and development, business feasibility study and enterprises development.  Among key activities he has spearheaded include research on Food waste in Kenya Horticultural Export Value chain by Feedback Global (UK) and Study on the potential value of reducing Global Food loss in Kenya by University of Nottingham, UK. He has supported development of successful enterprises such as Guango farms and products. He was heading the secretariat organizing the regional Mifugo ni Mali extensive livestock expo held in November 2015. 

    4. Edward Lusega – Has a wealth of experience in SME business development having been engaged in SME sector development for the last 12 years.  Edwin has also supported development of a number of ICT solutions for the Agri-retail sector – specifically easy to use retail management systems for agrodealers.  With a financial background and experience, Edward supports the operations for Kilimo Center.  He is instrumental in Business Development initiatives and overall operational co-ordination